creating a healthy static-free shine

2. září 2011 v 3:19
Turn on the turbo and get a great style fast with the CHI Turbo 1-inch Flat Iron. Ceramic, ionic technology seals in the hair's natural moisture and shine by smoothing the hair cuticle,chi flat iron sale creating a healthy static-free shine. Variable temperature settings from 175 to 356 degrees F allow you to control the amount of gentle,chi flat iron far infrared heat as you style. Negative ion activity straightens your hair making it sleek and smooth,chi turbo hair iron and the curved edge plates allow you to make curls and waves as well.What's so special? Variable Temperature Settings chi flat iron- you control the amount of heat your hair needs - perfect for if you cannot use your iron on the hottest setting. Plus,chi flat iron sale I think the Turbo grips you hair much better than the Original model.chi turbo hair iron This matters if your hair is somewhat difficult to straighten.

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